Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls 2020

Hairstyles for little girls are such cute things to do. Kids these days are already so stylish. They used to copy their mother or sister related to make up and dress up. haha! This is so cute! Kind of habit, but when it comes to hairstyles for kids girls moms have to struggle a lot.

Toddler hairstyles girls can be done for school to a casual look. However, the party hairstyles for girls can also be done in a very easy way.

There are different types of hairstyles for little girls. From simple buns to curly or easy braids for girls’ hairstyles, they look super cute in any way.  Let’s see some of the best and easy little girl hairstyles for all occasions.

Easy Cute Hairstyles For Little Girls for both long and short hair

1. Double Bun Hairstyles for Cute Girls

Double Bun Hairstyles for Girls

Little girl bun hairstyles are perfect for school look. It gives them a neat and clean appearance. Also, it is easy to make for mom. It doesn’t take much time. Add a pretty clip-on to the bun for a cute look. Two bun hairstyles can be done on both long or short hair for a cute girl.

2. Side Braid Hairstyles for Your Little One

Side Braid Hairstyles

Now side braid hairstyle for little girls is very popular. It is very simple and easy to make on long hair or medium. There are different types of braid hairstyles for little girls available on the tutorial. This style looks charmed on her friend’s birthday when pairing with a pretty frock.

3. Bob Hairstyles for Your Mini-Me

Bob Hairstyles

Well, mom, always sees her reflection on her daughter. Now short bob haircut is the prettiest style you can give your little princess. It always looks cool and classy to your little angle. Even this seems great for the school day. Also,  mom can match the hairstyle with her toddle. The matching concept is in trend.

4. Pony Hop Braid Hairstyles for Little Girls

Pony Hop Braid Hairstyles

We cannot deny, toddlers look cute on any hairstyle because they are so innocent. If your daughter have a long hair then this hairdo is the perfect way to flaunt on a summer day. A ponytail can be done with many styles. how sweet is that?


5. Curly Hairstyles for Cute Girls with a Headband

Loose Curly Hairstyles

The curly hair girls are the cutest ones. Now, mom doesn’t have to struggle much to prepare the hairdo. You can just add a fancy cute hairband or a clip with a pretty frock. These curly hairstyles for little girls are a perfect idea for birthday parties. Pairing nice cute matching shoes complete the look.

6. Fishtail Half Updo

Fishtail Half Updo

To all the moms, if you are looking for new hairstyles for a little one, then this fishtail half updo can be a good idea. Fishtail braid hairstyles are very popular. There are different types of fishtail hairstyles that can opt for a different look. Here you can make her half up-front hair looks more attractive with braids.

7. Braided Updo with Side Bun Hairstyle for Little Girls

Braided Updo with Side Bun Hairstyle

I would say this is the stylish hairdo you can make your little one. Simply keep making a braid from upside down. Take all hair and make a bun and tie with elastic. Braided updo with side bun for hairstyle looks perfect on parties.  Well, you have to give and extra effort for a neat look. Braids can be made two or three.

8. Mini Mouse Bow Hairstyles for your Cutie-Pie

Mini Mouse Bow Hairstyles

This sounds already cute. With very simple steps you can make bow hairstyles. If your daughter’s school has any theme base competition, then these hairstyles will be great ideas. Also, make sure to match her favorite cartoon mini-mouse outfits and shoes for a pretty look.

9. Double Dutch Braid Hairstyles for Little Girls

Double Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Well talking about the braids there are different types of braids hairstyles for little girls. However, It takes very few minutes to make this hairdo. These two sides’ Dutch braid hairstyles are perfect for the school’s toddlers.  Moreover, you can add a pretty ribbon to it for an awesome look.

10. Simple Double Twist Hairstyle for Little Girls

Double Twist Hairstyle

This is another hairstyle for an everyday look. It is a very simple hairdo style. You just need to twist normally and then clip on with nice accessories. Double twist hairstyles are also perfect for school girls. This hairstyle can be done both long and short hair. suits this hairstyle.