Brides Girls & Women with their Bridal Lehengas Styles

The designer wedding dress is very expensive and gets lost if you don’t reuse it and keep it in cabinets for years, because the first wedding is heavy and you can’t wear it to someone else’s wedding.

Lehenga’s dress feels like a wedding dress, so you can’t let it go. This is why Indian brides love their beloved brides instead of wearing them again. She wears either Karva Chauth or Teej and wears the bride’s clothes again, no more.

Have you ever wondered what you can do with it after your day has passed?

Once your wedding ceremony has passed, all the wedding celebrations will end and what will happen to your most valuable mayor. Here are some ways you can reuse your first wedding.

If you want to wear it to someone else’s wedding, don’t wear the whole set, try to combine a blouse or skirt and match it to anything else. Try some patterns you like.

1. Lehenga comes in three parts: Choli, Dupatta and Lehenga. You can use three different combinations, like choli, that can be used as a top with a nice sari.

2. Dupatta can be used with other matching Kameez salwar kits, which will balance the heavy embroidery of Dupatta with less embroidery salami Kameez.

3. Anarkali costume is a new trend in which kurta has a sharp bottom appearance. You can convert choli and lehenga into a long Anarkali costume and you can easily wear it in any job.

4.You can reuse the style by converting it into effect. Simple saree can be used with heavy pallu, as it formed the first Dupatta pallu.


5. You can wear a lehenga with a kurti or jacket longer than choli and change its appearance. It will give you the latest Indian style and western look.

Recycling wedding clothes is a good idea after the wedding, don’t let your beautiful dress get ruined in the cupboard. Try anything and you will definitely turn your wedding attire into something amazing, and most importantly, something adaptable.