Latest Bridal Lehenga and Saree Style


We are here to discuss how to reuse and bridal lehenga saree in different ways. The biggest dream has to do the bride and the Bride of lehenga sari is the wearing of the oldest, with the risk of all for his own life. Concerning the Bride, the perfect lehenga saree and the color of desire or is, or is made in the shape, which has been warned of this dress with a childhood.

But the system is not married, “will accumulate in a single day the rest of the trousseau,” but the salad itself being conformed to imagine how the reuse and bridal lehenga.

Even in the Indian culture have often gives the mother or a lehenga sari to her daughter’s wedding. And they truly wonderful varieties or the modern trend

We have some ideas and redesign to fix it, even after long years.

Reuse bridal lehenga with kurta

Which is obviously very serious embroidered bridal lehengas and heavy. Lehenga choli Hence this is not in the parts of any one, but you can use for a long time, many a time, that when God worked and in a less Kurta. It is also possible to use Lucknow and silk Kurt. In addition, you can choose to Anarkali lehenga. However, there must be one that is in mind is that as long as the lehenga. To highlight your heavy lehenga. Choose pastel colors Kurta opposite clear and bright with its lehenga. It will not be very comfortable with at all times. Do what follows lehenga dupatta finer than this with the addition of. It seems evident that the marriage partner. You can opt for either a lighter Net georgette dupatta region next opportunity. No one can be surprised by this sexy dress.

Style the blouse with Sharara

The bride has many collections. Bridal lehenga is not heavy, but also as reception Sangeet, Mehendi Lehengas. These are much lighter wedding lehenga. This is when they try Sharara lehenga hat. He is in great demand today Sharara style. Serious usually has a plan and a shirt painted. You can give this style blouse with Sharara. Choose Sharara kinds of things that is heavier and more attractive. Make sure the color scheme, according to the hat. Further, the use lehenga dupatta or you can opt for a different dupatta match the color of his hair. In addition, you can use more and can tempt filled with Western belt

Can be the same as in the production of shirt and blouse with a simple lehenga You can highlighted. so that you also can use the different dupatta banarasi, or Bandhej Leheriya. Once again, you can connect and share with this shirt be occupied too. So if you have not worked will be occupied and simple: you look beautiful.

Reuse Saree with lehenga


For just as has been touched upon before, and the chief of the eunuchs, and the bride has to wear lehengas in a variety of ceremonies. But it is impossible to repair them, different figures, different colors. For this reason it is necessary to take out the other side with a simple color lehenga sari own. For this style of Phaleth the shoulder and a covering of snow is normal. The rest will be occupied bay and in the abdomen. Then, lift the trailing edge of the stables, and the railings, and some tuck on his belly. Ciena will appear first. And so, you have another in a different style dress. In this way, bridal lehenga sari, and the next 1 reuse.

Lehenga Style Saree Draping

This is another way CURTAIN lehenga sari, which produces the kind lehenga. Here, you only have to use the flared lehenga. The same interval and projections lehenga sari. Make all of them equal finite conformed to the bay. Now, it looks like a lehenga. And the flesh of the bullock, and his shirt and dupatta equal to, or to Caesar what you’ve done and they were alarmed. Or you can also choose Brocade dupatta. In truth, only a dupatta to cover up your style. From all this it seems a terrible look. This can reuse it Sangeet and bridal lehenga sari, or even marriage of Navaratri.

These are the reasons, and where it can not be reused and the Bride of lehenga conformed to Him in taking different roads, on different occasions.