Best Zainab Chottani Embroidered Dresses For Perfect Party Attire

Zainab Shatani does not need recognition in the world of fashion. She is a well-known fashion designer in this field breaking records with her amazing sense of fashion and clothing. She has been at the head of the charts for a very long time and insists everyone be amazed by her fashion approach. Zainab Shotani is a luxury brand with all the factors needed to dazzle others with its work and efforts. Embrace yourself as we take you on a luxurious fashion journey full of happiness and charisma.


Straight dress perforated for a formal look. This amazing dress is three-piece and comes with a fully embroidered front and a motif on the back to complete the look. You can also get sleeves (for free). It has embroidered raw silk pants and a dubata cloth. Feel beautiful with this beautiful pink salmon dress. You can also purchase gloves and trousers separately.


You can break the hearts of many while wearing this ethnic dress in gold. The shirt is fully embroidered and decorated. The open front shirt with chiffon embroidered sleeves adds a cheer to improve the look. It comes with embroidered raw silk trousers. Coordinate it with the dopatta to give it a complete look.


This breath by taking a beautiful white dress will make you look like an angel. Screen printed shirt with edge embroidery and sleeves like never before. The dress comes with raw silk trousers. White beauty is perfect for all occasions and must be handled with care. Co-ordinate with white or colored dubbs to look charming.


This beautiful dress will make you love it easily. The stunning mixture of coffee and matte gold on the shirt can kill anyone. The Jamaywar Shirt with a matte gold embroidered mesh to the hem and sleeves look stunning. Pair it with embroidered raw silk trousers to complete the look. Pair it with the Jimmy Choo 3 inch heel shoe to create the look.


Neutral does not mean boring after looking at this wonderful group. Pure round neckline with jimmyre shirt looks beautiful with hem on the hem and chiffon sleeves. Raw-trim trousers give the dress a full finish. Pair it with long earrings to look like a singer.


Bell sleeves are the trend for this season. Make it real and trendy with this pink dress embroidered on hem and sleeves. Co-ordinate with the dopata. Bell trousers with a pure embroidered patty look charmingly beautiful. The neutral pink is what you need for this season to look like a doll.


Olalal … Look at the beauty and light your soul with fire with the heavenly mixture. The shirt with the neck button is embellished with pearls. Chiffon bell sleeves. The front part of the shirt is fully embroidered with a pure patty hem. Combine it with ivory doubata and embroidered raw silk trousers. Be the queen of the season.


An ideal choice for all brides to be in this beautiful dress in their collection. The fully embroidered front adorns a V-neckline decorated with pearls. The hem and sleeves are also enhanced using a net embroidered patty. It comes with embroidered raw silk trousers or regular trousers to suit you. Coordination with Dupatta.


The gorgeous cape comes with mint green embroidery on the neckline and embroidered lace to give it an elegant touch. The front of the shirt is embroidered with motive. You can pair it with plaid or embroidered trousers. Wear silver heels to look charming.


You can fly high with this beautiful white head like a unicorn. White is the color that you must have for your wardrobe. The head contains front embroidery and sleeves paired with an embroidered mesh. You have good options for regular embroidered cotton trousers. Pair it with a dopata and a messy bun.


Dana’s cut embroidery on the neckline looks completely steamy with motive embroidery on the hem and sleeves. It comes with silver silky raw pants reinforced with embroidery. Pair it with Chop dupata to look elegant and modern at the same time. Pair it with long earrings and a silver heel.


You will fly high with all the imagination in this pink muse. Sherwin neckline neckline embellishes to shoulder with enhanced front screen print with pure embroidered patty on the hem and sleeves. Pair it with an embroidered capri and a duopate fabric. A perfect choice for a bridal friend.


This dazzling mixture of plum and silver will make you amazed. The silver embroidered lace looks elegant on the neckline with front embroidery and hem. Plum plum trousers have motives for finishing the look with pearl-embellished brocades. The correct choice for Valima.


Tassels are a new trend alert. Keeping it with Zainab Shatani, she will always look stylish and groundbreaking. The embroidered pearl front shirt looks great with pink ribbons on the sleeves and pearl jersey trousers. Pair it with shiny pearl heel and long earrings.


The breathtakingly embroidered and embroidered Angraka looks great. The dopata is finished with jamaywar patty and studded with pearls. The pants have embroidered motifs to give it a full touch. Pair it with the long jhumkas and pearl neck chain.


Velvet is back in trend, where winter here is completely swinging. The velvet shirt with embroidered neck and body fit gives it a very elegant look. Raw silk trousers with charming embroidered lace. You can kindle this fire.


The half-body embroidered gold shirt looks stunning with button sleeves and a dress-style shirt. The golden pants of Jamaiwar complement the look while keeping it elegant and elegant. Pair it with long hair or curly short hair and stun it like a singer.


The perfect piece to set a trend with this mesh shirt with a silver embroidered belt. It is decorated with dark green pearls and silky trousers. Pair it with high heels and a beautiful ponytail to complete the look. You can carry a silver bag as well.


Red cannot go out of fashion with black. Our favorite mix of all time. Our sleeves are a major focus with floral mesh and red knots. The embroidery is gracefully embroidered in black. The pants have a touch of red mesh to make them fashionable.


Ruffled sleeves, long back with embroidered short front shirt. This dress attracts our attention the most fashionable. The trouser is improved by using knots to finish the look. Pair it with black tassel earrings to kill everyone with these looks.