Best Summer Tops For Summer 2020

Best Summer Tops For Summer

The last weekend has come in June and gone, and I officially announce the arrival of summer. I assume this summer will be all about late night beach rides, summer weddings and rock concerts. This necessitates the need for an easy and elegant wardrobe at your disposal.

However, we’ve all seen those times when our once-filled wardrobe shrank to the edge, that we didn’t find anything good to wear. Although science says everything is on your mind, this attitude to me clearly means when to shop. And the best place to shop summer summits this season is Ideas Pret. interval.

Ideas Pret has a wide range of summer tops that are not only modern and beautiful, but also made with such perfection that will elevate your mood and respect for yourself. Nothing says in summer just like bleeding confidence, slippers, dozens of ice creams, colored caps and hats!

Thus, to ensure that you will enjoy all this fun this summer, Ideas Pret has taken responsibility to ensure that you look luxurious every day of the season. We’ve put on some shortlisted things for you to make that amazing this year!

   “A gray day provides the best light” – Leonardo Di Caprio

Gray has more than often been called a dull or an insipid color. However, it is known to very few that the color is known as the queen of colors, because of its ability to enhance shades around it. This summer, add a subtle touch of imperialism to your personality with this white and gray colored cotton top from Ideas. The charm of the top lies in the stylish collar and unique sleeves, both contributing to the classy look of the dress. With this one, you’re surely going to turn some heads!

Bold and Beautiful

Feeling a little rebellious? This orange top would surely give you all the reasons to break free this summer. Okay, this may have gotten a little dramatic, but summers are dramatic. It’s not just the joyous and enthusiastic color of the top that sets it aside, rather the knot detail is what gives the top a bold look. The knot radiates the feeling of a cheerful summer, all the while accentuating your figure. You’re in to make summers brighter with this clothing on you!

 White out with a twist

White is the most popular color when it comes to summers. An all-white dress or shirt is something every woman dons at least once throughout the season. However, Ideas Pret has brought a twist for you this year with this white shirt. Basking in the glory of white’s elegance and simplicity, the shirt sports a black pocket, giving it an extraordinary contrast. Wearing this shirt to the next summer party you attend would surely raise eyebrows of approval and looks of envy. You’re definitely bringing yourself a lot of good attention in this shirt, girl!

A formal affair

Summers don’t always mean vacations. Unfortunately, some of us are still getting up from our 9-5s every day. As sad as it sounds, a cool and breezy summer wardrobe can make you feel much better about your day. And, this stylish navy-blue shirt should be your first choice for a meeting. With an aura of sophistication around it, the shirt’s intricate and elegant embroidery and fashionable cut-out sleeves would exude off confidence from you, making you unstoppable.

Modern and chic

For a quintessential woman who is quirky and eccentric, this shirt is just perfect. With its soil inspired color, the shirt looks stylish and should be your pick for a night out with friends. Give it a tucked in look and style it with a cool pair of sneakers, and you’re good for the night. Also, keep your hair down for the girl-next-door look.

     A beautiful mess

This light, airy and breezy shirt has the perfect touch of coolness and freshness to it. For a day out at the beach, this shirt is just the best. It is the right amounts of casual and elegant as well as is very comfortable, given to its premium quality fabric. For all your casual outings, this light-blue striped shirt would make you look pretty and beautiful!

  Yellow Delight

Yellow is officially the color of the summer season. It’s as vibrant and bright as the sun and the sky in the weather. Wearing this plain yellow dress from Ideas Pret would surely make you look summer-ready and exude happy vibes off you. The flexible fitted top helps you stay stylish and fashionable throughout the season. You can style it in either ways; traditional or contemporary. This yellow shirt can certainly prove to be the best of both the worlds!

  Go easy

One of my favorite summer fashion ideas is a graphic t-shirt. A t-shirt is the perfect summer outfit that’s casual as well as prevents you from looking over the top. Plus, you can always experiment with your lowers, smoothly shifting from jeans to trousers to lose pants. This graphical ‘KARACHI’ t-shirt is your chance to flaunt being a Karachiite, that too in style. The t-shirt would add the right amount of spunk to your personality!


With your summer tops sorted, you can now up your fashion game. With Ideas Pret, this years’ fashions are going to be all about experiments, bold colors and a new start. Tick off all the things from your bucket list in style, this summer!