Best Shawls and Wraps to Warm Up your Style


Shawls and blankets are among the most amazing and versatile accessories. However, it is often overlooked in favor of more popular outerwear such as coats and buttons.Shawls have been around for centuries. They are described as larger pieces of fabric, usually wrapped on the shoulders or neck, or wrapped around the body.

Shawls are designed in different shapes from rectangles and triangles to squares.

They can be worn for decorative purposes, to add a touch of outfit like a saree or to cover bare shoulders. They can also be worn for religious purposes or simply for heating.

In the past, she wore shawls during the winter and was made of pure wool. It mostly comes in widths from 80-110 cm to 180 cm – 210 cm.

However, rewinding is a more recent phenomenon. It is an interchangeable word that can be used to describe both shawls and shawls.

It is a loose outerwear piece or piece of material that can be wrapped around the upper body. They are easy to wear patterns with different teams.

DESIblitz explores 15 of the best shawls and covers to warm your style which is great for both men and women to decorate


Scarves are somewhat of a recent phenomenon and are extremely functional. They can be worn as a thick, chunky scarf around the neck or draped over the shoulders like a shawl.

Embossed Shawl

This type of shawl is perfect for evening events or casual wear. The woven look makes it perfect for creating a comfortable look.

To add more joy, adding Swarovski crystals and faux fur adds an element of sparkle and shine to the shawl. Wear it with a beautiful dress or black pants and a funky shirt.

Wedding Option

Weddings are highly regarded affairs in the South Asian community. An important aspect of Desi weddings is fashion.

Unfortunately, sometimes the weather isn’t always right next to you on your wedding day. Instead of suffering in the cold, the wrapping is a practical and fashionable addition to your collection.

The cover is very versatile and can be worn in several ways. It is warm, practical and elegant at the same time.

Modern Wrap

This is perfect for those not so chilly afternoons and evenings. It can be worn instead of a coat or a cardigan.

The effortless drape enhances the sartorial appeal of your ensemble. Alternatively, you can add a brooch to tie the two sides together mimicking a cardigan.

Wear with a thick scarf and boots and you’re good to go. Or, you can team with it salwar kameez or a saree.

Velvet Shawl

This shawl is the perfect addition to those cool evenings. Velvet adds an extra layer of warmth.

She also makes a huge statement of style, rather than wearing a plain shawl made of cashmere or wool.

Kashmiri Shawl

Usually, this shawl is made of soft wool and is commonly embroidered with a basil. This is the perfect addition to an ethnic attire or to give an ethnic touch to your western attire.

Majestic embroidery enhances the beauty of this type of accessory. It will definitely add color to the pale costume.

Kashmiri shawls are famous for their linen, and, accordingly, have been favored by nobles since ancient times.

Jamavar Shawl

This type of shawl can be described as elegant, luxurious, sophisticated and elegant. It is made from embroidered fabric and very popular floral motifs.

Floral motifs can be found scattered over the shawl or in the hem. Each promise to promise a different look.

It can take decades to make and is a special type of shawl. Jamiavar shawls also have heavy embroidery and are often used for wedding purposes.

Shahtoosh Shawl

Shuhtosh means “the king of soft wool”, and this is this shawl. This type of shawl is known for its fine texture and is on the most expensive side.

However, don’t let the price tag put you off. Instead, consider it a way to treat yourself. Little self-indulgence is required from time to time.

Both pure and floral prints are common for these shawls. It is a luxurious addition to any wardrobe.

Orenburg Chic

These shawls are the classic symbol of Russian crafts. It is woven from the finest wool and is very delicate.