Best Pakistani Red Bridal Dresses Perfect for Barat Day Wearing

On the day when every girl wants to look less than kings, the wedding day is actually an event that changes life and comes only once in everyone’s life. From the extravagant Muhannadi jobs to the magnificent Falma reception, the Pakistani wedding is a mixture of beautiful events where every day is celebrated with wonderful themes that follow its beauty and charm. When yellow is associated with the Mayan and Mohannad celebrations, red was always the color of the big day when two people signed a contract of love and marital respect, and each promised to stand strong in times of joy and sorrow.

Choosing the festive color for the big day

Red has been the color of “bars” for decades. But over recent years, brides can be seen choosing different combinations, either one that perfectly complements red color or completely different colored dresses for bars. It does not matter if you choose to wear beige, pink, or perhaps green on the day of the wedding, no color can complement your appearance better than the red itself.
From pink red to bloody red, there are a variety of tones that you can choose to wear at your wedding promising sparkle like royalty. Whether it’s pure red wedding color or contrasting red garaara with a short shirt, the presence of a red color in your dress makes it traditional but modern at the same time. So, if you are one of the girls who love to wear traditional colors and stick to the beauty of celebrations, here are some of the best clothes with amazing red design that are perfect for your big day:

Gold Mine Bridal Dresses Style


This gorgeous outfit from Tina Durrani is what every girl wants on her wedding day. A mixture of white Missouri choli and a red jacket rich in glitter machines and embroidered food with heavy hanja, this red wedding dress is definitely a piece of artwork directly from the Mughal era.

 Gold Stone Bridal Dresses Style


A short golden shirt with heavy motifs complemented by a red bouquet and lehnga decorated with a fine art of handwork and stones, this design from Tena Durrani is a thousand-word wedding dream.

 The Bridal Luxe  Bridal Dresses Style

Charming loaded with shiny gold embroidery studded with an open front gown with charming gold motifs and heavy work sleeves, this design from HSY is a true vision that depicts the beauty of brides in their big day. Pair it with trendy jewelry and you’ll be ready to make the most beautiful bride ever.

The Royal Red Bridal Dresses Style

Inspired by the Mughal era, this design will fulfill your desire to look like a princess on your bars. Intricately designed red maxi paired with a multi-colored doupatta, this intense embroidered costume is perfect for your exorbitant job.

The Tribute Bridal Dresses Style

When it comes to the need to wear the perfect traditional red cupboard on your special day, nothing compares to the HSY collection close to Pakistani culture with a touch of modernity. Here is another piece of art that is modern and perfect for major Pakistani celebrations. Luiga Shuli red blood covered with intricate gold detailing and rich dupat with impressive dazzling manual work, this wedding dress is sure not to be missed.

The Man Mandir Bridal Dresses Style

Enchanting and charming, the guest was enthralled with your wonderful appearance on your special day. A fully embellished shirt with a red jaguar Linga and heavily loaded dupat, the beauty of this clothes cannot be justified by words only.

Roshan Ara Bridal Dresses Style

Long red dress with richam and zardousy work, this one-piece red dress comes with colorful lavender flowers that are also enhanced with alluring details because Fahd Hussain knows how to bring up a bride like a princess straight from the royal era.

 Red and Maroon Bridal Style

This concept was developed by highly talented Zainab Shotani to present the true colors of Pakistani celebrations celebrating joy and happiness. A perfect balance of sparkling embellishment, workpieces and hand embroidery, the outfits are combined with a short shirt and a Varshi Garrara collector with details at the end. To fully complement the imperial look, the dress has been matched with a lighter douba and a great robotic work.

The Mesmeric Red Bridal Dress Style

Perspective Persian net dress embellished with gold, silver, korra and mesh motifs. An improved border can be seen with a contrasting patch covered with great work. This wardrobe is available with beautiful two-color doubata that have been worked with clean and attractive embroidery.

Rich Crimson Bridal Dresses Style

As the name implies, Deepak Perwani blended different techniques and different forms of work to design a set that every bride dreamed of. A long t-shirt embellished with sequins, richam’s work, and a zardose with stone detailing to complement it, the dress was crafted with Varshe Linga and captivating bridal doubles like a jewel on your big day.

The Glamorous Red Bridal Dresses Style

Red is a single color that can be mixed and matched with different combinations to form impressive creations. Unique in its own way, this red lehnga choli by Ali Xeeshan has been exquisitely designed to achieve brilliance. The dress can be seen completely covered by the intricate golden work of feathers, zerdosi and dabkeh, each playing their part to enhance the beauty of this grooms.

The Modern Twist Bridal Dresses Style

Who is wearing black on their big day, right? Break the stereotype to stick with the pure red outfit, here is the eye catching wedding dress. Long red shirt embellished and paired with lehnga embroidered in black density and beige dupta with tassels, choosing this outfit for your big day will surely give you a great cool look.