Best Latest Pakistani Party Wear Dress Designs

Let’s face it, when you hear the word “party”, all the girl can think of is to dress her best, paired with matching jewelry and decent make-up to make the grand entry into the next talk of the city. Growing up in a Pakistani society that has completely evolved from “decency” to “showing skin as a wonderful new thing”, girls have become more aware of their fashion options to become the first runner in the best-looking rider. Of course, this led to the appearance of designer clothes as spending a few thousand rupees on an embroidered dress worn for a day seemed to be no problem at all. Yes, that’s what Pakistani fashion means, designer clothes that consist of intricate creations complemented by chic pieces to give girls a very impressive look.

Dolling Up With Only the Best Pakistani Party Wear Collections

The Pakistani fashion fraternity has definitely improved its game in recent years, which has given rise to new talent while teachers still hold the top position to master their skills and creativity. From sparks to peebles, from Dhaka pajamas to Swarovski compact crystal straight shirts, you can now enjoy your favorite pick from a variety of formal outfits that will compliment your personality. From the master himself, HSY to new talents like Shazia and Sehr (Ivy publications), our country is about to create history with its unique conceptual ideas that aim at women’s dolls for every occasion.
If you have an upcoming wedding or plan a big surprise wedding for your favorite lover, here are some of the best designers who offer classic pieces of party dresses for women who want to look aesthetic and glamorous every time.

The Duo on Fire

Shazia and Sahar are two talented women who planned to work together 8 years ago and enter the fashion industry with a bang. But only recently after overcoming challenges and unleashing their inner strength, this duo launched a successful brand name Ivy Print. Yes, I heard it right. Your brand is owned by these cute ladies, and the masterpieces are designed to please our valued customers. So here’s a quick look at their official collection:


Dandelion is a deep sapphire shirt that has delicate and sophisticated borders around the neck and body as well as floral details that run down below. The dress is paired with a Banarsi straight trousers with golden details which makes it an eye-catching piece.


Perlina is an icy gray organza collection that contains delicate contrasting floral embroidery that is further enhanced by jewelry and stones. Coupled with a partial-cut trousers, the look perfect perfectly makes the statement very fashionable.

Orchid Haze

Orchid Haze, as the name specifies, is a flawless high-quality artwork with heavy pearl work, zari and gemstone on the neck, front dress and sleeves. The dress has an individual color, as the name implies.

Floral Flare

The dress is a formal material and party clothes due to the round neck, contrasting embroidery completely and detailed work. The dress is paired with straight trousers and a double stitched contrast and fully embroidered.

Flared Coat

Junaid Jamshed flared coat is perfectly designed with perfectly chosen contrast to floral embroidery and neckline borders. The flare coat can be worn over any simple dress to decorate it.

 English Rose

English Rose is a very decent formal shirt that wears a straight shirt with a lace finish. The dress is paired with straight trousers and a double detailed sequin. This dress is perfect for formal occasions where you want to look your best.

 Net Fairy

Net Fairy by Bareeze is a beautiful Zen work done on a network. The dress coupled with straight trousers and a mesh twill make the dress perfect. The perfect dress should be in their wardrobe for party wear.

 Gul e Saba

Gul e Saba, as the name speaks, is a red dress with a golden floral print that spawns the entire dress. Gul e Saba is a set of garden lawn set that can be worn but simultaneously formal on occasions like parties and weddings.

Pastel Pure

This dress from Aga Nur is a great job. The dress has a detailed embroidery of multi-colored flowers on the neckline and base and on the borders of the dupta that makes the dress an ideal piece of clothing for parties.

 Pure French Net

Pure French Net by Aga Nour is the perfect dress designed to wear parties not only formal, but also sloping and elegant at the same time. The dress has a detailed embroidery work with some pastel flowers on top of it.

Red Run

This Maria Bey dress is a perfect party outfit based on a fully embroidered shirt. The dress is 3 pieces, i.e. shirt, trousers and double pants.

 Dress up Gown

The dress embroidered in black is the perfect combination for formal and party wear. Contrast golden embroidery and cervical motifs enhance the look of the dress, making it universal for every dress.

 Varq Midnight

Varq Midnight is an excellent piece of cochineal set embroidered all over the kittens and medium organza.

 Net Embroidered Dress

The Meshed Motifs Mesh Dress is an eye-catching outfit. Your parties and formal events are incomplete without this dress. Embroidered with a perfect accent in blue, the dress looks very attractive and sloping.


Navy blue silk and pure maxi is a full fashion statement, and is best for any party and formal occasions. The dress is made of a flowy mesh and flowing silk material. This dress can make you look like a princess.

 Black Beauty

This dress from the luxurious Sana Safinaz collection is the true black beauty. Perfect for parties, the dress features floral patterns embossed in copper sequins over the thin black mesh. The dress goes with Indian silk pants and a bold mesh slit entirely of flowers. Perfect for the days you want to wear like a display stopper.

Floral Fiesta

This luxurious dress from Sana Safinaz is made with hand-embroidered motifs and pearls covered with a golden cheek shirt. The dress has beautiful pastel flowers on the sleeves, satin and shoulders with a raw silk rosette and a doublet decorated with flowers. Perfect set for party wear.