Best Faraz Manan Bridal Dresses

His vision and goal to entertain people with only the best led him to earn a respectable place for himself in the industry. Faraz Manan started this path in that and his visual approach helped him reach high levels today.

Setting apart from the crowd

What distinguishes Faraz Mannan from other designers? His attention to detail, aesthetic aesthetic, and the will to execute his ideas with perfection are what make this guy’s ideas not just good, but really cool. From fancy clothes to bridal outfits, Faraz Mannan has embellished ladies not only nationally but also internationally, dressing up for red carpet stars in beautiful and aesthetic clothing. So if you are going to get married anytime soon, here are a bunch of wedding dresses from the brand that you will definitely love putting your eyes on:


Faraz Mannan certainly knows how to dress his brides like kings. For a rich and luxurious look, pamper yourself with the hugely embroidered and unparalleled wedding apparel. The red and pink color comes from red with a large path, completely covered with crystals, dabke and nakashi while paired with a long alpha shirt and dupat each one beautifully decorated with Swarovski crystals and patterns that are sure to take your breath.

 Empire Campaign 4

Summon all brides, if you have the guts to experience unique shades, here is the glittering green lehnga choli bridal that comes loaded with exquisite patterns of Dhaka, Snake and Sequins, making it a great choice for a busy day.

Viceroy Campaign 4

A shadow that never fades, red definitely means that every bride has been the favorite tone of ages, marking the beginning of a new and beautiful life. When mixed and matched with exquisite craftsmanship, bridal outfits like these are created that instill stunning patterns of crystals, stones, and embroidery leading to a rich garment that promises you to be the most beautiful bride ever,

The Off-white Charmer

Because this is your day, the lady should never give up the look of her wedding. If you want to look gorgeous on that particular day, don’t miss out on these white guarara pants that come decorated with ornate floral motifs paired with a jalal workwear and stones with a heavily embroidered dupata that ends your look perfectly.

The Tea Pink Viceroy

This wedding dress was presented in a hidden but fresh shade of pink tea, and it consists of a shirt with a tail decorated with floral motifs, sequins details and the work of the Dabkeh. It comes with heavily embroidered Dhaka pants and brocade decorated with round motions and ornate borders, and a dress like this is simply the perfect choice for a great reception.

 The Pink and Blue Wear

It’s shiny and shiny, for a killer wedding doll in this blue and pink lehnga dress with dupatta where each heavily loaded piece comes with handcraft as a result of great craftsmanship.

 The White Maxi

If you want to wear a maxi on your big day but have it differently designed, be grateful for the Mannan Faris who presented this great piece of clothing for sure to make you happy. It is completely covered with sequin, mesh and embossing patterns with heavy daman. Maxi beautifully drops to your waist, tightens a little and then flows with a big fall.

 Imperial campaign 9

An elegant mixture of lemon yellow and pink color, this beautiful dress is paired with a flowery lehnga and intricately embroidered dubba. They are so cool and royal enough to adorn you like a real beauty on the big day.

 The Peachy Fantasy

Here is a elegantly designed master piece of Faran Mann, carefully crafted with sparkling motifs and patterns. Maxi Peach comes with identical doupats covered in white decor, making it graceful and superior.

 The Grey Gown

Because your wedding day definitely comes once in a lifetime, celebrate it with this charming gray dress and lehnga embroidered with floral motifs, stones, gemstones and crystals adding to its ownership.