Bareeze Luxury Embroidered Dresses Collection 2020


The luxurious fabric made by Bareeze is the most important brand in Pakistan for many years. It was already by its parent company, Sefam Private Limited. In addition to Bareeze, you’ll find 12 other fashion brands that have gained a reputation worldwide and throughout Sefam. Bareeze Man, Kayseria, Leisure Club, Home Expressions by Bareeze, Rungja, Urban Culture as well as Minnie Minors are all members of the Sefam fashion family. Today we will be sharing the latest embroidered Bareeze Luxury dresses with you!

Bareeze fabrics are locally created and served in all major cities of Pakistan as well as international exports to the Middle East, the United States, South Asia and Southeast Asia as well as Europe. Throughout the year, the elegant house created better designs for formal occasions as well as semi-formal wear with heavily embroidered decorations as well as yarns.


Bareeze Dresses collection

Their motivation comes from a heavy knowledge of East Indian Pakistan called Indo-Pakistani cultures in design. Quick fashion turned into a core group of many fashion brands but the creators of this idea were Bareeze business owners. They thought women were interested in a non-sewn fabric from the shelves rather than waiting for the local craftsman and tailor to customize it to create a design.

 Alkaram Khaddar Dresses Collection

The materials provided by Bareeze are a comprehensive formal suit with embroidered neckline, fully embroidered shirt on the front and back, and intensively patterned borders on both Dammam and sleeves. It is preferred to be used for weddings and formal functions before or after major receptions. It provides women who are looking for classic designs based on ethnic traditions and design. Complete here to explore memorable embroidery designs.

Bareeze Luxury Embroidered Dresses 2020 Shawls Designs

The luxury collection of Baris 2020 includes fully embroidered silk threads, golden thread on velvet and pashmina fabric. These patterns are on modern shades that improve and make embroideries definitely striking. These are elegant and nicely arranged without defects or flaws because they are made from the most sophisticated textile machines in their factory studio. The results tend to be perfect and help avoid any human error that was common in handcrafted fabrics.

Her perfect design and timeless beauty make her the perfect winter wedding dress. It is also very cold in the winter, women usually have to give up fashion to keep themselves. Despite Baris’ embroidered winter dresses, it will be easier to wear any event outdoors or even occasion without worrying about being cold.

Its origins are firmly based on Pakistani styles and fashion sensibilities for women who choose to wear the custom-made shawl camis from a non-sewn fabric. Pashmina velvet shawl set is also very popular during the winter season. These shawls can be changed to a 3-piece suit or used as with a two-tone shirt and pants. The suit may then be chiffon, organza, cotton, karandi, panaresi, green, jaguar, or velvet, but the important element is the embroidered winter shawl.

Bareeze has record sales discounts during mid-season, year-end, summer and winter as well as on holiday seasons such as Eid Al Fitr and Valentine’s Day. There are discounts on some selected products throughout the year. These winter shawls are expensive but sometimes, they may be on sale which makes them a great purchase that will never go out of design. Investing in one of these simple shawls often means a long-term partner for handing over to daughters or sons as a family artifact.