Banarasi Silk Sarees


Some saris are so lustrous and lustful at the same time that any woman would see a million dollars dressed in a sari and the sari we are talking about is the Banarasi Sari. The silk sari that has its identity known for its richness and saris of pure silk fabric.


The banarasi sari is in evergreen sari that is still worn and designed by designers to revive its beauty for today’s new women. From celebrities to Indian politicians, this sari has been the most charming type worn on special occasions.

History of Banarasi Silk Saree

The history of the Banarasi sari has flourished since the Mughal era when silk weavers who migrated from Gujarat began weaving silk into gold and zari threads. The saris are not in pure silk Banarasi saris, but in Kora silk banarasi saree, banaras tissue silk, georgette banarasi saris which are also a trend to choose.


Pure Silk Banarasi Sarees


These are the most elegant types where intricate weaving designs are woven in Varanasi and they are mostly heavy saris. The motifs are inspired by the traditions and culture of India, the Mughal era motifs of flora and fauna and shrubs, paisley, lotus and jaal motifs from Indian designs.


The fabric is found in different styles, such as diagonal weave motifs or Banarasi sari butidar for jaal weave designs and tanchoi banarasi sari. These are made of silver and gold designs and the base is a colorful silk thread to add the vibrant and radiant silk shine.

Georgette Banarasi Saree


These are known for the Banarasi georgette saris where the silk or jaal weave design and the floral zari designs are woven on the basis of silk and georgette threads. This adds flow that is the property of the georgette and adds shine to the silk threads. The crushed effect of such saris is popular today than the normal flat base of georgette silk or banarasi saris.

Kora Silk Banarasi Sarees


The beautiful organza fabrics are so classic and woven together with zari they make them more elegant. Banaras is a land of zari and silk and organza saris get a whole new look from here. Used for weddings and occasions with motifs everywhere or designed in jaal and throughout the floral country.

Tanchoi Silk Sarees


Motifs from an intricate Mughal era are depicted on these silk sari with more gold or silver zari than the base. Full of motifs and colorful silk threads to make the designs more attractive. The threads on the back of banarasi saree are well intact and cannot be seen behind in lines like a jamawar brocade fabric.

Tissue Silk Banarasi sarees

The elegant gold saris zari or silk saree with just the right amount of shine and gold glitter is the Banarasi silk saree. The motif weaving in traditional banarasi weaving patterns for today’s modern art can be seen in such saris. Simple saree that with gold zari paneling or edges are also equally popular.

Inspire Your Banarasi Saree Choices

The Bollywood industry has turned immensely towards Indian handicrafts and the choice of actresses for saris banarasi grows more and more. From bright shades of royal blue, deep pink to light pastels and golds, Banarasi’s silk saris in all the latest designs have been seen on celebrities.

From modern styles of tree motifs, leaves, floral designs, kalamkari designs to figures in Banarasi silk saris motifs. Choose from different knitting patterns to colors and patterns, from intricate patterns to lightly weighted knit silk saris.