A guide to choose right wedding dress according to body type for grooms

Gone are the times when weddings revolved around brides and wedding attire. Now, with the increase in the latest trends, grooms are also picking up their wedding / Sherwani allowance carefully and carefully. Like brides, grooms also need to consider the shape of their bodies while choosing wedding attire.

Below is a list of the type of body shapes and bridal wear that a groom should choose to display a masculine medal.

The Stocky Body 

A type of body in which you have a heavy top. You need to choose a Kurta that has a flowy fabric moreover, the sherwani needs to be loosely fitted so that you do not look stacked up in a wedding sherwani. To look slimmer you need to pick vibrant colors instead of light colors or a wedding suit that is not tightly fitted.

The Skinny Body

If you are skinny, then you need to wear a suit or cherokee that will add breadth to your overall look. Wearing a short shirt with a bra or western suit for grooms would be a good choice. Darker colors make you look thinner so wear light pastel colors. Plus, shawls or shawls will help add size to your look.

The Short Body 

It is ok if your body is shorter then try to wear anything under the knees. Melting clothes is not for you where you can wear western outfits or a suitable oriental Sherwani is not between you. Also, try to wear a clearer wedding dress that is not much stylized as it will highlight your stature.

Choose wisely while shopping for your wedding / wedding suit because your overall look is very important and you definitely don’t want to look bad on your wedding day. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below.