A Guide To A Glamorous Eid

I think my sweet teeth might already be on my way. The scent of pure gouma and garam garam jalab jam. Hello, I am a food lover, a feast of food … and fashion. Eid al-Fitr is a special time. It’s a “You’re New” celebration. So let’s cut some serious talk about fashion.

Eid and costumes are inseparable. We all look forward to being Miss Headturner every year. We are planning our look for days. We choose everything from clothes to shoes to bags. But sometimes, she lacks inspiration.

I know you are waiting for our style guide. However, we should sit down to talk first. Eid is a special time. Therefore, if you fail to get “matching” things, you should always look for something outside the box. Eid is a time to follow tradition, but it’s also time to create new standards.

A brief overview of what you have in store.

Below is your instruction manual on how to enjoy all the right things on this holiday, in the most glamorous fashion that your Pret Ideas have presented! Even the right outfit can make a fatal mistake when your accessories aren’t on the road. Every little piece matters! They have great power to make or break your appearance.

DIY Festive Looks for a Glamorous Eid!

Eid is all about sophisticated glamor. Your looks have to be festive, yet functional. During the upcoming Eid week, you will be visiting many events. However, you will be a host too. Therefore, you need to strick a balance between pretty and practical.

Look 1: Daytime Glitz

The sun will not go anywhere and this is sure unless a family of clouds visits their favorite cities. Well, was the weather a barrier day when we decided to spend the Eid holiday? Start.

Naturally Your Clothes Are Ready To Wear: Boasting Pret Ideas To Make This Part Of Life Easy.

The purple power of this royal attraction, with golden motifs for a festive taste, is complemented by intricate cuts and this is a start! You are a canvas here. So let’s draw.

Take a slide

Your feet are at your mercy (just like anything else) so be kind to them. On the other hand, you can’t just go: “Who will look at my feet anyway? I’ll wear anything shiny!” This thought is killer because your phupoo will notice your bad taste in shoes. She really makes a great comment. Well balancing that!

A pair of pale gold sliders to get a subtle luster (comfortable and bright), that’s what I’m talking about! And never give in to a cliché, “You’re not tall, so you should wear heels.”

Gold is never old

For earrings, it is recommended to keep them elegant. Choose some stylish drops for a stylish but stylish look .. Remember that our clothes are not the usual traditional outfit, so don’t wear jhumkaas or chaand baalis!

For some wrist movement get some bracelets and an hour to gather sparkle together.


Purse for Perfection

Add an Ideas Pret purse to this mix and Voila! Out you go to beat the sun at its own game *wink*.

Look 2: Out with the Girls!

Time for the girls! Lunch or dinner? It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you may choose fine food and this requires wearing fine clothes and everything that suits them.

Stick to the pastel! Divine green with clear embroideries of silver, gold and some pink in mix to give a fresh touch. Eye-catching combination with contemporary sectors, the perfect formula for unparalleled elegance.

Pick Pink

Shoes are the place to highlight the subtle pink color of your dress that has been slightly overshadowed by many shapes.

Now, you can choose the usual daggers or nude pumps. If you are brave like me, stop being “accustomed” and squirt in these sliders with really floral arrangements of your arrangements, Ideas Pret.

Silver lining and a touch of Gold

We have a kind of perfect situation here. Your outfits host a little gold and silver. So you can mix your accessories and match them accordingly.

The upside of the sleeveless costume – regardless of whether this is my favorite part of a summer evening – is that your jewelry is not tied to your wrists. It’s time to get some style from Cleopatra. Refine your look with an arm, choker that completes the feature and some hanging ear pieces. The next thing you know is that you have the royal aura that surrounds you.

Oh I almost forgot! The finishing touch of your looks: an elegant bag from Ideas Pret.

Look 3: The Grand Eid Dawaat

This should be the first and last on the Eid agenda tonight. Anyone else can get another appointment. I’m sure each of us is either a host or a guest on a big family gathering where four generations of family break bread (just a metaphor).

For starters, you need to break a 2-piece routine and style into 3 pieces instead. You don’t want to bother your dad and Nani for not wearing Dopa, right? Besides, traditional is always fashionable.

Beige is the arrangement of the day (or night). In line with exquisite embroideries of gold and silver with tassel embellishments, this outfit is amazing in itself and the contrasting black dupta lends it! Wearing it in your neck is no. Wrap it, whatever your usual two-sided side.

Specks of Gold

Not too flashy, just keep it trendy. What we’ve got here is a pair of dull-gold flats. They are very stylish, yet extremely elegant.


Pearls & Poise

Give those pearls some air. They’ve been locked up long enough, awaiting the perfect outfit. A string around your neck and a bracelet to match, that’ll stir up some more poise to your look!

Look 4: Time for Tea

In Pakistan, everything happens in tea. During Eid, tea is not just tea, it is high tea. I must say that this look is my personal favorite! Festive costume with a modern twist. How many times do you get this ?!

A striking yellow courte front open front with embroideries inspired by the work of William Morris (your artistic sock), raw silk pants to match, and contrasting blue sliding that ties well with embellishments.

Best in blue

Cautious now with the footwear, you don’t want to mess this up! My pick? These blue pearl studded sliders that live up to your “step in style” motto. The pair that’s not in your face nor is it too casual to be coupled with a festive outfit.


I want all your chic accessories out of those drawers and on your dresser! Every trendy piece you can find with traces of gold and copper but nothing too ostentatious.

Look 5: Traditionally yours

Not everyone is single or married, right? I just thought on my mind: What about my girls who have entered the participation stage? Please pay attention to the best-looking holiday ever: my big ring for the glamorous holiday guide!

This outfit for. death. For.

A light green palette showcases a pastel color palette, all in a very elegant ensemble with grainy silhouettes and a very traditional appeal. Perfect to impress my mom in law.

Slip your feet in these beautiful sliders to turn on magic.

Remember those necklaces choked by hanging pearls? They have gone back to fashion and couldn’t have had a better chance to try them out! This piece contains green mint pearls attached to a gold chain, so bonus points will get the same beard.

Live Your Best

Eid is all about being your best self. What your wear is important, but it’s also important to feel your best. If you think you can skip the bangles, you should. If you think you will do better without mehendi, then keep your hands simple. Focus on looking good. Create lasting memories. Share your selfies with #ideaspret on Instagram.