9 recycle clothing ideas – How to re-use old clothes

When we look at our clothes that we have in our closet, we may be thinking about what to do with all this. We don’t want to drop our old cloth, because we have so many memories of it. There are many interesting ways to recycle or recycle your old garment. You can also reuse old clothes. Just a few steps away to refresh your wardrobe. Let’s take a look at these creative women’s recycling clothing ideas.

9 Easy Recycle Clothing Ideas for Women

There are many ideas to recycle or re-use your clothes. Some of them are as below.

1. Men’s shirt into a shirt dress


These are the best recycling ideas for a stylish look. It is a super modern and fashionable dress for summer. Recycle your husband’s oversized shirt and breathe new life into it. In addition to this, you can create a more designer and modern dress for a casual look. There are different ways to wear a groom shirt for your outfit look. Get more ideas from here.

2. Old Shawl into cardigans


Now, this is the very simple DIY tips you can use from an extra shawl. You can make stylish cardigans from your old shawl. Choose some bright color because it adds a charm to your outfit. You can also use your mom’s old shawl into an ethnic jacket as it looks great for festivals.

3. Men’s jeans into a Skirt – Recycle Ideas


Wow … Isn’t that a great idea? Now fill your wardrobe with a new denim skirt without buying. Reuse your old denim that is bent or too short. To make a denim skirt, you need two pairs of jeans if you want to add some extra fabric to finish the skirt. You can also add the ruffle to the end of the skirt. To learn more see the tutorial here.

4. Re-cycle old t-shirt into a crop top



This style is definitely renewed for your wardrobe. Take an old T-shirt, cut from the neckline and a small part from the bottom. You can also use the color of the fabric to paint according to your style. If it is dark in color, use white. Take some time to test and you are ready to go for everyday purposes. It looks perfect for casual summer days.

5. Upcycle your scarf into top


Who said the scarf can no longer be worn. You can easily turn a scarf into a stylish top. In addition, you can also make a tank top with Scarf. There are many ways you can make a top with a scarf. Without spending money, you can create this style yourself. It looks perfect for a beach and cocktails. See the images above for reference.


6. Make a stylish dress from old saree-reuse idea


There are many ways to re-use saree into Dress. You can re-use your old silk saree to make lehenga choli which looks perfect for festivals and weddings. Anarkali can be made with the right measurement and tailoring. likewise, you can make tunic and skirt from saree.

7. Make a tote bag with t-shirt


Now, this is a great way to up-cycle a t-shirt to make a bag. With the right fabric, it can be made within 20 minutes. It is definitely a low-cost recycling idea. The tote bag can be used to hold for groceries items, gym clothes, and books. however, these tote bags are easily washable.

8. Turn your oversized hoodie into two-piece set


Wow, just look at the difference between before and after. All you need is to cut into two-piece with the right measurement. And you are all set to go to a balcony and have a coffee. You can also wear them for home workouts. Know more about how to make a two-piece hoodie

9. Simple old top into fringe style


This DIY tip is so much in fashion. Take a simple t-shirt, cut it like the fringe style from the bottom upward. You can also add a lace pocket to get a more stylish look. Apart from this, you can create a halter top from your loose t-shirt as well as a racerback t-shirt which is in trend. It looks perfect for a casual get-together.