5 Useful Tips to Look Slim in Lehenga for Brides

There’s always a time when the bride’s Strat diet routine right after her wedding dates are confirmed, so that all that slim and perfect body shape looks amazing in her bridal Lehengas! It’s not just about dieting and going to the gym to stay fit and look slimmer for your wedding day, this is our way of choosing the right Lehenga to look slimmer.

As easy as that, how to choose Lehenga to look slimmer, but eating healthy or dieting and gymnastics is always recommended along with the right kind of Lehenga to wear to look slimmer. We have the best tips on what to wear for an Indian wedding for brides.

5 Tips to Choose Your Lehenga Choli to Look Slimmer

 Lehenga with Kalis or Panels to Look Slim

The vertical line rule applies to choose Lehenga styles as well. Your lehenga will look elongated with multiple kali styles and give your lower torso a slimmer look. Your lehenga can be an A line or a full flare, but Kali is a must if you want to look slimmer. Choose Lehenga embroidery on elongated or growing motifs in lehengas or small motifs scattered throughout to add balance.

Darker Colors of Lehenga Choli to look Slimmer

The color of the Lehenga choli also plays an important role in obtaining a slimming appearance when used in darker tones. Choose shades like a brown lehenga choli, a dark red or dark green lehenga choli. This acts as a solid, single-tone appeal that provides hidden areas that should appear thinner.

Choli pattern and Style for Slimmer Look

Lehenga wedding choli can be midriff style or longer choli that covers your waist, giving it a uniform tone again to make you look slimmer. You can hide the tummy area or love handles with peplum cholis or even a blouse that is mid waist instead of top waist. It is seen that the pattern of sleeves on long sleeves or sleeves on the elbows gives it a slimmer look and a pattern with a V-neck or a sweet neck can also lengthen the cut of the neckline face.

How to Wear Your Lehenga and Style Dupatta to Look Slim

Wear your lehenga from above your low waist, at the thinnest part of your waist, at the point of the navel or higher if you need to use it to focus more on a slim waist and the portion of lehenga will be longer compared to the shorter upper torso. Wear your dupatta on a narrow pleated elongated bodice curtain. instead, the Gujarati straw curtain or a wide pleated satire curtain is not recommended. See our video tutorial on how to use Dupatta in Lehenga Choli.

 Hair and Jewellery Ideas to Look Slim in Wedding Lehenga

The best option is to keep your Jewellery minimal if you are fat or heavy. Go with earrings and long neckline necklaces to give a more suitable look instead of chockers. Keep your hair away and the High bun is perfect to add more height adding to a slimming face and body height.