5 Things You Should Promise Yourself To Get A Better And Younger Skin


Despite the fact that all New Year decisions were made before the start of 2020 can still prepare yourself a few things. Especially since the New Year is a great time to look at your beauty routine and change or develop some new habits. And while some of them may actually be part of your daily routine – that’s even better. You’re just a few steps away from more beautiful and youthful skin!

How To Make Skin Look Younger?

Spend enough time in bed

Sleep is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give to your skin. A good night’s sleep helps your skin support renewal and improves the overall condition of the skin. So, you can improve your skin health and look great by just sleeping!

Scientific studies have shown that lack of sleep can cause skin diseases and accelerate the aging process and wrinkles. To prevent this from happening, promise yourself that you will always try to have a nice and long sleep. You will be relaxed and active, will look better, feel better and help your skin too!

Always remove your makeup before sleep


It shouldn’t be too surprising to know, that removing all your makeup before bed is one of the most important parts of the day. Overnight, the makeup that you have left on your skin can worsen the condition of the skin and cause a variety of infections, increased acne or clogged skin pores.

On the other hand, frequent washing of facial skin can also cause problems, especially if you scrub your face. In this case, your skin can dry out more.

Specialists always recommend washing your face after any athletic training and never forgetting to clean your smartphone screen as well, because millions of bacteria on it can easily get in and damage your skin, too.

Stop experimenting with facial creams

If you’re still trying to find a “One” face cream and always trying out different brands and types, you could risk doing more harm to your skin, rather than helping it. In fact, replaceable facial skin creams often cause irritation and redness.

Some creams contain allergens or irritants to the skin, so you should not jump from cream to cream every time you finish a bottle. Specialists advise that those people, who have sensitive skin, should consult a dermatologist to determine the ingredients for allergies and help choose the most appropriate skin care products.

And despite the fact that creams can sometimes be very expensive, this shouldn’t be a reason not to buy them! In fact, there are some great face creams even in your local target store. For example, daily Neutrogena or L’Oreal Paris creams can be a lot cheaper with some Target codes and deals. Cindy Crawford’s ‘Meaning of Beauty’ ratings might also be a smart purchase. So, basically, nothing prevents you from finding a single cream and sticking to it for a long time, even if that’s a little more expensive at first. Your skin will thank you

Stop smoking in every sense



Direct or passive smoking, even if it occurs on rare occasions, ultimately causes your skin to change color, makes your teeth yellow, damages nails, promotes the appearance of wrinkles, and of course can cause cancer. Therefore, by far the biggest and most important promise you can make to your skin is to avoid any contact with cigarettes in your life. Smoking costs tons of money, and this is not healthy at all! So try to quit and radically change your life – both improve your health and beauty!

Use sunscreen not only in summer

One of the most important skin-care items should be sunscreen. But sunscreen must be one of the most important elements of skin care. But in reality not only during the summer! According to many skin care professionals, you should also use sunscreen in the winter as well, during sunny days. Regular use of sunscreen, as many scientific studies have shown, reduces the risk of skin cancer by up to 50 percent. Moreover, skin protected from harmful sunlight retains its elasticity, natural color and brighter radiance for a longer period. So it is really useful to use it not only during summer but during winter season, when the sun is still very bright and the sunlight is still very harmful. Actually not only during summer! According to many skin care specialists, you should also apply sunscreen in winter too, during the sunny days. Regular use of sunscreen, as various scientific studies showed, reduces the risk of skin cancer by up to 50 percent .Moreover, skin protected from harmful sunrays usually retains its elasticity, natural color and brighter a lot longer. So it really pays off to use it not only during summer but during winter time, when the sun is still pretty bright and sun rays are still pretty harmful.